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Since 1904
Funeral Home Berlin
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Transfer of the deceased

The dressing an casketing of the deceased and transfer from place of death to a mortuary is performed correctly and professionally by funeral directors Schuster Berlin.

We cary out the first transit of the deceased from apartments, private homes, nursing homes or similar with a litter or temporary coffin, in to our own cold storage in Berlin Friedenau. There is also the possibility of a last view at the open casket in a pleasant atmosphere.

Call for collect and transfer remains to funeral home
day and night +49 (0) 30 / 82 00 92 0

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Long distance transportation

We transfer the deceased to burials in all of Germany or neighboring countries with modern hearse. Overseas transfer with airways can be organized under care and attention of the international rules and regulations of the recipient country.
Funeral directors Schuster complete all formalities and obtain all papers and permits on your behalf. We prepare the body for shipment in a in an acceptable casket and air tray or combination unit to another state or country.

Further information about deceased transfer -click- here

Urn shippment

Within Germany urns are sent directly to the cemetery by the crematorium. For burials in other countries we can arrange the worldwide shipment of urns.

Return of deceased

We can arrange the return of mortal remains from Germany or neighboring countries with hearse to the funeral in Berlin and Brandenburg, inpuding the completion of the formalities on the ground.

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