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Funeral care

Death is still a taboo subject in our society. This is rarely discussed even within the family. Regulating the burial of a loved one will face family members with decisions that are hard to make without knowing the exact wishes of the deceased. Do not let your family alone with this heavy task. Take this burden off the bereaved through a burial system decisions..

Take precautions while you are still of clear mind and able to deal with the topic. Consider the funeral care like insurance that gives you the feeling to have fixed everything for the real thing.

If you have a family member in a retirement home or health care facility, you can make arrangements with funeral directors Schuster for the eventuality that you are not in Berlin or otherwise unreachable in case of the death.

Free consultation

Even if you have clear ideas about the details of your funeral you should clarify in a consultation with funeral directors Schuster, whether or not and if so how your wishes can be met.

Premature contractual funeral arrangements

If you have no relatives who can take care of everything after your death or if you want to take this weight of their shoulders, you can enter a contractual agreement with funeral directors Schuster on a premature burial arrangement.

Your funeral wishes are recorded in a detailed consultation. Every detail can be discussed and agreed upon. But it is also possible to make only fundamental decisions and leave your family certain possibilities to design de details of the funeral. As part of this process we present you with a cost-estimation.

A contract for the later burial is closed. The later cost can for example be payed for by assignment of benefits from life insurance. If there is no insurance or the amounts are insufficient, a new insurance can be contracted if necessary.

If this is not desired, the calculated amount can be deposited in a trust account at Deutsche funeral care Treuhand AG.

The German funeral care Treuhand AG is a service institution of the Federal Association of German funeral e.V., Düsseldorf, and Board of Trustees German funeral culture e.V., Bonn. Founded for your safety and to secure the funds to be deposited for your later burial and subject to the strict German stock corporation law. Your escrow deposit is also backed by a renowned German savings bank credit guarantee. You would receive a separate confirmation from them.

You can request an individual offer from our “funeral care online” (German) website.

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