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Measures in case of a bereavement

If the bereavement occurs in a hospital, an immediate transfer to a cold-storage facility is usually not necessary. (The hospital will check if it is necessary.) Since hospitals may charge per day for the storage of the deceased we suggest that you contact funeral directors Schuster Berlin as soon as possible to make an appointment for a consultation.

When the death occurred in a private home it is mandatory that a doctor has certified a “natural cause of death” before we can transport the deceased to our cold-storage facility.

After the death in a retirement home, nursing home or Hospice, it may be necessary to arrange an immediate transfer - even at night, on weekends or holidays. We offer on-call service around the clock, every day. .

Phone day and night +49 (0) 30 82 00 92 0

If a non-natural cause of death can not be ruled out – for example in case of an accident – a standard police investigation may delay the funeral arrangements.

Even if we have do not have to act immediately because the deceased is located in a hospital, pathology or forensic medicine department, it is useful to conduct consultation with funeral directors Schuster Berlin. Many things can already be discussed, regulated, and prepared before the so-called "release" has been granted and we get death certificates from the police.

The death of a close relative will often result in emotional distress for family members and friends. Our professional funeral directors can offer support and guidance in those hard times.

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