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Natural burial

The German legislation provides that deceased must be buried in a cemetery. This also applies to urns. A natural burial of urns is only allowed in special areas of forests, which ar cemeteries in accordance with this law. They are called "Friedwald" or "Ruheforst".
Exceptions are allowed only for a urn burial in the Baltic or North Sea.
Alternative inurned burials in nature, the scattering of ashes or diamond burials are only possible outside of Germany.

Urn burials at Sea

Urn burias at sea are possible at almost all of the coasts of the North- and Baltic-Sea. The burials are performed by a large number of specialized shipping companies. The ashes of the deceased are placed in a special urn and commited to the sea in a no-fishing area.

The ceremony can be attended by family members on request. The capicity of the ships ranges from 12 to 50 people. Ceremonies on sail-boats are offered as well.

MS-Undine Undine-Ineen Ceremonie Segler

Burials can also be performed in the Mediterranean sea or near the Spanish Atlantic coast. Different rules and regulations apply there and because of that various low priced offers for these regions are available as well as seasonal offers for burials near the danish coast of the Baltic-Sea. These can also be attended by family members.
Burials can also be performed in international waters through internationally operating merchant-ships.

Forrest burials

Urns can be buried in special forest areas that are designated as "Friedwald" or "Ruheforst" near the roots of a trees. Between 10 and 12 urns are burried near a single tree. There are community trees with single urn places. You also choose a single tree for a person or family or a circle of friends. An urn space or tree can be selected and reserved during your lifetime. The reservation is valid for 99 years.

The closest "Friedwald" Fürstenwalde Hangelsberg is  located 60 km east of Berlin.
The closest "Ruheforst" is near the commune of Nauen, not far from Berlin and Potsdam.

Friedwald UrnenplatzZeremonieBeisetzung

Alternative urn burials in Switzerland

There exist various options for natural burials in many countries. As an e xample burials in the Valais Alps in Switzerland are introduced below. We will strive to fulfill any wishes you may have regarding a natural burial.

The "Oasis of eternity" is located near Les Collons in the Pennine Alps in the South of Switzerland T he site is freely accessible and can be visited at any time. Funerals at the "Oasis of eternity" can be attended by family members on request. There are offered:

Additionally air funerals by plane, helicopter or balloon over the mountains or the great Swiss lakes or scattering of the ashes from a boat are possible. Burials from a boat are possible in Lake Zürich, Lake Maggiore, Lake Lugano, Lake Lucerne and Lake Constance (Swiss side).

River burials in the Netherlands

Funerals of Urns in the rivers Meuse, IJssel, Neder Rijn Waal, with or without accompaniment by family members or funeral service can be arranged. Urn burials at the Dutch North Sea coast are also offered.

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