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Funeral expense and payment

What is the cost of a funeral?
A global answer to this question is not possible. No bereavement equals another and no two funerals are alike. The total cost of a funeral is composed of many individual items. The place and circumstances surrounding the death play a crucial role for the price. Other factors are the type of burial, the individual needs of the bereaved for furnish of burial, funeral service, and of course the fees for cremation and the cemetery.

You determine the price by choosing from the range of items and services offered by funeral directors Schuster. Only after extensive consultation, will we can make a binding, detailed Quotation.

What is normal?
Cremation with a funeral service at the coffin or the urn burial is currently the most popular form of burial in Berlin. Depending on the facilities and cemetery 2,500 - 3.000 € are recognized. (included fees share approx. 1.100,00 €)

What does the "cheapest" burial cost?
Direct cremation without funeral service and the so-called "anonymous" burial of Urn in a cemetery in the Berlin region is currently the cheapest form a funeral. (Price 1.569,00 € including all fees.)

Payment of funeral expenses

Generally the funeral expenses must be paid before funeral service can proceed. It also can be backed by life assurance. For customers with a residence in Germany we offer the option to pay the funeral expenses without previous down payment, in principle within 21 days of placing an order to pay.
This payment method and installment payments require the approval of our partner ADELTA funeral financial AG.

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