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Burials in Berlin and Brandenburg

We organize burials, cremations and urn burials in Berlin and Brandenburg. Funeral services at all cemeteries, in crematories, churchyard chapels, in a local church or in our own celebration hall.

We also arrange direct burials or direct cremations without obsequies. Family members can attend such burials as well to.

With the exception of urn burials in the seas or in special parts of forest every burial in Germany has to be on a cemetery. There are different burial plots at different cemeteries. The rest period for burials of coffins and urns in Berlin is 20 Years. Not all kinds of burial plots are available on every cemetery.

The cemeteries offer plots for one coffin or urn an also plots for two or more coffins and urns. They also offer anonymous plots for urns and coffins and plots below green grass. Urns can be buried in columbaria or special walls.

Burial plots for coffins

Gruft-Erd Wahlstelle Rosenstelle Memoriamgarten

Burial plots for urns

Urnenstelle Gemeinschaftsgrab Stelen Kolumbarium

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